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  • Capital Raise Training  — $350 value
    • The biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs are making when it comes to raising capital
    • The two things that experienced CEO capital raisers have in their business that those who struggle do not
    • The simple, proven “4-step system” that generates a plan that you can activate RIGHT NOW
    • How to generate 5, 10, 20 … even 30 new investor meetings and receive multiple term sheets
  • Plus Download Our Capital Raise Checklists and Investor PPT template
    • Saves you hundreds of hours
      • Proven checklists to follow to close capital
      • will save $$’s in designer fees
      • will save by prompting the creation of slides in the proper flow
      • proven outlines and formatting to close capital

About the Instructor: William Rosellini holds a law degree, MBA and 4 master’s degrees (MS of Accounting, MS of Regulatory Science, MS of Computational Biology, MS of Neuroscience).

Founder of 5 companies, William has returned money to investors from 4 of them, raised financing to complete 3 acquisitions, in total raising ~$80M in at risk and non-dilutive financing. 

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